Penguin Rafferty, Tattoo Artist – Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, CA

Just Call Me, Penguin

Most people call me Penguin. I played Roller Derby for 9 years and my moniker was Tactical Nuclear Penguin. (Yes, like the beer. ) And when I decided to become a tattoo artist, the name stuck.

I love bold lines, bright colors and enjoy weird yet cute and macabre designs. I love making things adorable that generally shouldn’t be, with big eyes and bright colors. This doesn’t deter me from creating pieces that are watercolor, disney and floral and comic-book inspired.

I also like to make art in my free time. I like to show digital illustrations, watercolor, acrylic, drawing and I often sell prints at local festivals and venues.

Utopia Tattoo Shop in Auburn, CA

We’re having way too much fun.

I first started apprenticing in San Diego over 10 years ago. After a number of years working in and advertising as a graphic designer, I was called back to body art. My mentor, Shane “Doc Atrocity” Hansen had already tattooed over 25 years when taking me on as an apprentice. His comic and graphic style influenced my cartoon, kawaii and neo-traditional tattoo art.

I work at Utopia Tattoo Nestled in Old Auburn, California. This is the shop where I finished my apprenticeship and I enjoy having like-minded artists and a small-town atmosphere to work in. Located 30 minutes east of Sacramento, clients come from The Bay Area, Reno and nearby cities to see me. Utopia is an eclectic shop, walls adorned with art as bright and wild as the artists who work there.  You’ll love the kind small town feel and artsy vibe this place has to offer.

Message me for a consultation

Let’s have a consultation or schedule a tattoo. I’m sometimes booked out so contact me ahead of time. Contact me here, to send a message or find me on Facebook or Instagram and DM me!